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Listen to Susan and her guests discuss the emotional and legal issues involved in relationships before, during and after divorce.
Susan2010   About Susan:
Susan grew up in Kansas City. She obtained her B.A. from Tulane University, and J.D. from Georgia State University. Susan has been in private practice since 1990, and has her own domestic law practice.  For more information about Susan, visit her website at

“Til Divorce Do Us Part” is the result of Susan hearing about people getting inaccurate information about the law, and not knowing what resources were available. Divorce is hard. Getting accurate information, and help during this period is extremely important. Just as important is knowing that you are not alone, that you will get through this difficult period, and that there are an abundance of resources available.

Here are a sample of Susan's shows.  Check out the More Shows tab to hear more topics about divorce.
Dr. Dennis M. Dailey, Certified Sex Therapist How to improve your sex life and your marriage
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Laura Wasser, California attorney specializing in celebrity divorces
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Pete Bunn, a principal of the law firm Ferree, Bunn, O'Grady & Rundberg, Chtd
How to have a good divorce (it’s all in the way you approach it)
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Lauren, Sharon, Steve
Parents who were in high conflict relationships and who went through the Higher Ground program
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The must see website if you are contemplating, going through or recovering from divorce.
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Jacquelyn Fletcher, Author
"A Career Girls Guide to Becoming a Step-Mom"
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Cynthia Grimes, principal of the law firm Grimes and Rebein, LC
Bankruptcy – Whether You’re Getting Divorced or Not
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Michael French, author
Why Men Fall Out of Love and what women can do about it
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Dr. Joyce Buckner, author
Making Real Love Happen
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